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Large Scale V12 72cc Model Four Stroke Gasoline Engine


The engine in this video is ENJOMOR V12 GS-V12 72CC Large Scale V12 DOHC Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Water-Cooled Electric Start..This V12 engine adopts a dual overhead camshaft valve mechanism with a total of 48 valves, an exposed timing synchronous belt, and even the engine’s large-scale appearance has made every effort to maintain high-level performance, providing extraordinary power.

source.image: JohnnyQ90

Featuring an independent lubrication system, the oil sump oil pump draws oil to the top of the engine cam for lubrication, and the transparent visible oil well cover, eliminating the need to dismantle to check the remaining oil (Supports to be circulated for reuse).The side-mounted water cooling pump provides effective heat dissipation, extending the engine’s working time and lifespan.

Hall-type CDI pulse dual distributor ignition along with a 3548 brushless starter motor for easy one-key startup.The entire shell is precision-manufactured from CNC aluminum, with high simulation appearance, integrated exhaust manifold, and realistic engine sound reproduction.Comes with three piston rings (gas ring, conical ring, oil ring), 32-process oil ring, ensuring high compression force in the cylinder for more efficient combustion.


High-hardness piston cylinder liner, cast integral crankshaft that is supported by full bearings (three large bearings in the middle, two small bearings at the ends) are both high strength and good durability.Wide Applications: Ideal for modifying large-scale model cars, boats, tanks, and is also suitable as a desktop DIY working engine for play.This astonishing mechanical craftsmanship, with the engine’s reliability and excellent performance making it very popular among high-end collector engine users, earning praise from more model engine enthusiasts.