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Crawler ANKA 300 Caravan Pop Up Camper


ANKA easily turns the bed of a pickup into a livable camper, thus you will be never late to discover the nature!ANKA is designed to slide conveniently on the bed of a pickup truck, instantly giving it a functional living space. This camper provides you freedom in the city and in the camps thanks to its easily installable camping module and specially designed adjustable fixing feets.

source.image: CRAWLER

The camper can be installed and seperated from your vehichle easily, this gives you flexibilty to use your vehicle as it is in the city, and as a caravan when you want to go camping.

source.image: CRAWLER

It will also be possible to leave your ANKA in camping area, and to go exploring with your vehicle.ANKA has kitchen, tolilet and bathroom features which let you have a comfortable camping experience whereever you want.


While ANKA provides extra volume and spaciousness with its ceiling that can rise in the camping position, it creates a living space where a family of 3 can stay comfortably.ANKA camper model, which can be carried in the chassis of pickup vehicles, inspires you to escape from city life and explore nature at any time.

EXTERIOR DESIGN:Electrostatic Powder Coating,Rear Entrance Door,Expandable Pop-up Roof System with Windows.INTERIOR DESIGN:Electrostatic Powder Coating (Cabinet and Interior Walls),Carpet Covering Over PVC Coating Floor,Ceiling Ceramic Based Insulation Coating.SITTING AND SLEEPING AREA:2+1 Person Seating Area,Under Seat Storage Cabinets ( 2 pcs.),Dining table.Seat and Back Cushions/Expandable Bed Area (3 Person) (closed: 2mx1.5m) (open: 2mx2.2m).

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