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Culdesac Car-Free Neighborhood Designed For People


Culdesac is the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the US, and it will have housing for 1,000 residents once phase two is complete. Culdesac is built on 17 acres of land in Tempe Arizona, right next to a light rail train stop.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

It is also surrounded by other alternative transportation options like bike lanes and car sharing, as well as services like Lyft and Waymo (for rides in autonomous vehicles).

In addition to the transportation options, there are some great amenities on site, including a corner market, a restaurant, a bike shop, a gym, a yoga studio, and other micro retail spaces like a podcast studio, a vintage clothing store, and a home decor business.


These amenities help reduce the distance people have to travel for every day necessities, but the neighborhood is also cleverly connected to the rest of the city so that residents can easily have access to other services like schools, hospitals, and other businesses in Tempe.