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Musicians DIY Tiny Home Skoolie Life to American Idol


Welcome to the Jazz Wagon, a unique and creatively designed bus that serves as both a home and a mobile music studio for CJ Rist, a passionate musician with a deep love for jazz. In this video, CJ invites you into his world, showcasing the meticulous design and thoughtful features of his bus, which he affectionately calls the Jazz Wagon.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen Area: CJ kicks off the tour with his kitchen, featuring classy light pine countertops, dark cabinetry, and a foot-pump sink. He emphasizes the importance of having an oven large enough for holiday cooking and showcases his impressive fridge-freezer combo from a luxury RV.

Mixology Set and Personal Shrine: As a former bartender, CJ has a dedicated mixology set for making drinks and a special shrine in honor of his supportive parents. Electrical Setup: The Jazz Wagon is equipped with 300 amp hours of battery life and 840 watts of solar panels, feeding into a 3,000-watt inverter. This setup powers CJ’s music equipment and daily needs.


Living Area: CJ’s living room is a cozy space with a wood stove, ample natural light, and plenty of seating. It’s here that CJ loves to host guests and relax. Lofted King-Size Bedroom: The loft features a king-size bed with a 12-inch memory foam mattress, offering unparalleled comfort and a skylight for stargazing.Studio Space: The heart of the Jazz Wagon is CJ’s studio area, equipped with a piano, various speakers, and recording equipment. It’s a space dedicated to creativity and music production.