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Custom 4 Season Adventure Van 4×4 Sprinter


Jason and his family travel part-time in a 2017 Mercedes Sprinter, and it’s gorgeous! There was a slight hesitation with space having two teenagers, but after their first expedition, they realized that the van was just a transportation piece to get them to the next adventure spot!

image: Tiny Home Tours

The custom cabinetry build is lightweight and durable, perfect for a tiny home on wheels. The kitchen is sufficient for healthy meal prep before they hit the outdoors for new experiences.

Plenty of airflows throughout the Sprinter with proper ventilation, fans, and windows can open and be covered. The front area has swivel seats and an adjustable table, so they call all gather to eat and play.


With a love for music, they also installed a massive speaker system to jam out when it’s appropriate! Mullet the van is true to its name, with business in the front and a party in the back!