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Custom 4×4 Overland Camper Off Grid Tiny House


After two years full time in their truck, they upgraded to this sweet rig before heading to Alaska! You’re looking at a 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser with a camper conversion on the back and a set of badass mud-terrain tires supporting the drive.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

These two offroad specialists took their jobs to the fullest! Kelsey and Tim instructed others on proper techniques for hitting the trails before taking off on their adventure to South America.

The interior is packed full of the necessities combined with a few luxuries one doesn’t get while camping. There’s a hot shower, cold fridge, stove cooktop, and an abundance of drawers for storage.


They sleep in the “upstairs” bedroom space, allowing a guest to occupy the couch that converts into a full bed. Exterior storage and a backup camera complete this unique tiny home on wheels.