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NGC Safe Flight Regional Lightweight Vehicle


The Safe Light Regional Vehicle is crafted as a lightweight commuter option with minimal energy consumption. Despite its incredibly light build and affordable price.The Safe Light Regional Vehicle is designed as a light commuter vehicle with low energy consumption.

source.image: Xubii Tech

Despite its extremely lightweight construction and costefficient materials and production, the vehicle is designed to achieve state-of-theart crash safety. Further development goals are a range of 400 km, an unladen weight of only 450 kg, and autonomous driving characteristics up to SAE Level 3.

The aim is to further develop technologies and components to meet the requirements in one vehicle and to present the individual technological innovations in one vehicle demonstrator. At the same time, the project aims to identify and develop synergy effects between individual departments.


The SLRV concept has been specially developed for commuters who have regular point-to-point journeys, such as a feeder vehicle to the public transport connections or as a car-sharing vehicle in an out-of-town context. It can therefore supplement public transport in a suburban or rural environment, be used as a second car and is well suited for sharing due to its fast H2 refuelling capability.via/read more: dlr