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Custom Build Ford Ranger 5.0 Coyote Engine


In this video from the 2021 Ford F100 show held in the Leconte Center Pigeon Forge Tn I check out this very cool 1969 Ford Ranger Street Truck.Covered in Carousel Red paint.They left enough chrome and added some black trim to break that bright color up.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

So your going to have no trouble seeing it but it’s not overwhelming.Being from Tennessee I dig it!!.The black interior has all been redone.It still looks like a factory pickup truck interior.Just a little nicer.Wheels are always a personal choice and no one set will please everyone.

The ones they chose to run on this 1969 Ford Ranger from the 2021 F100 Show in Pigeon Forge Tn work for Me.Under the hood a very cleanly installed modern 5.0 Coyote Ford Engine.A Ford is a Ford, Just as it should be.Suspension and brakes have been upgraded to get that Ford Coyote power to the ground and to make sure you can get it safely stopped.


This 1969 Ford Ranger from the 2021 Ford F-100 Show in Pigeon Forge Tn has been in the same Family for most of it’s life.It has gone from the Family daily to this very cool street truck it is today.Very cool for sure!!..Check it out!///ScottieDTV

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