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3D Print To Solid Metal Making a Bolt With Double Threads


Using the lost PLA metal casting I will turn 3d prints into metal castings in my DIY backyard foundry. I started by printing the models on my 3d printer.

source/image(PrtSc): Robinson Foundry

I then coated them with a ceramic material. I then fired the shell in my kiln and then poured metal into the shell. This is similar to the lost wax casting process.Watch the video from Robinson Foundry for more info:

The bolt is an M42 size with a 40 mm pitch, with grooves cut in both directions to allow left-handed and right-handed nuts to be threaded.


The large pitch means that instead of a single continuous groove like a normal bolt, ten separate grooves need to be cut for each threading direction to cover the bolt surface. The process involves dipping 3D-printed models in ceramic, firing then, then melting away the plastic with metal./Robinson Foundry

VIARobinson Foundry
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