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Custom Built 1963 Ford Thunderbird Jimmy’s T-Bird


A 1963 Ford Thunderbird that Jimmy Posey of Big Oak Garage has been working on for a couple of years.He started out by winning it at The Shades Of The Past Car Show and He drove it for a couple of years…But then He wanted to put His own touch to it.

source/image(PrtSc): ScottieDTV

So He fixed the stance.Got it low…But drive-able.Put some 20 Rocket Wheels on it..Did a little work on the Motor.Not to much..That is the motor that came in the car..The interior was kept stock.Most of it is original to the car..And the rest is in the details.Now this 1963 Ford T-bird is not a over the top custom.

Or a high dollar show car.But what it is.Is cool.Set up to drive.Jimmy had it on several road trips this year.Cruiser.I see a lot of this generation Ford Thunderbird.


I can usually walk by.But there is something about this 1963 Ford T-Bird that just works for Me…The color combo..White with that blue interior.The Wheels.The stance.All just right for this build.I loved it..I’m sure you will to.Check it out!!//ScottieDTV

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