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Custom Built $2.5M Double Decker Mega RV


This double decker mega RV is the biggest, tallest, widest and most luxurious RV in the world. The 1,200 square foot home on 22-wheels, worth $2.5 million, was originally made to order for Hollywood superstar Will Smith.

source.image: Barcroft Cars

Ron Anderson, from Austin, Texas, is the designer and creator of this two storey designer trailer, which he calls the Studio Mobile Estate. Ron has been making RVs fit for the stars for the past 20 years.

He told Truly: “We moved into the film industry through Sylvester Stallone. He told everybody in Hollywood and that’s when Will Smith contacted me and said, ‘Hey – I want something unique’.


I said, ‘I’ve got it!’” Equipped with 14 TVs, a 30-person screening room, a private hair and makeup space, and a $200,000 kitchen, this mega RV is designed for maximum comfort and pleasure. Now you can rent this RV and have your very own celebrity experience – but it’ll cost you $9,000 per night.