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Custom-Built 4×4 Sprinter Van DIY Modern Camper


Step into the world of John Weatherbe as he unveils the intricacies of his custom-built 4×4 Sprinter van, “The Weather Beast.” This van is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a meticulously crafted mobile home, a photographer’s haven, and a testament to the adventurous spirit of van life.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen/Living Area: Marvel at the dual-purpose space featuring a sleek, lightweight Phoenix countertop, a practical sink with a filtration system, and a unique Butcher Block custom-crafted by The Wood Slayer. John’s choice of materials reflects his commitment to functionality and style.

Sleeping Quarters: Explore the cozy sleeping area with a memory foam short queen bed, humorously referred to by John as suitable for a “short king.” Notice the efficient use of space with innovative storage solutions. Work and Lounge Space: The van boasts a versatile Laguna table, complemented by rotating front seats, creating a dynamic area for dining, working, or relaxing. John’s design emphasizes comfort and utility in a compact space.


Storage Solutions: Delve into the smart storage options under the sink, within the bench, and in the overhead compartments, showcasing John’s knack for maximizing space. Climate Control: Discover the van’s sophisticated temperature control system, featuring a remote-controlled fan, an air conditioning unit, and a diesel heater, ensuring comfort in various climates. Electrical System: Get an in-depth look at the 400 amp-hour lithium battery setup and the strategic decision to skip solar panels in favor of a full roof rack, catering to John’s photography needs.