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WeRide Robosweeper S1 Autonomus Electric Sanitation Vehicle


As WeRide’s entry into multi-scenario sanitation applications, WeRide Robosweeper S1 is the world’s first Level 4 autonomous driving sanitation equipment capable of covering all scenarios on open roads.

source.image: WeRide

It is equipped with WeRide’s mature autonomous driving software and hardware systems, boasting 360-degree perception capabilities and industry-leading planning and control abilities.

It can maintain close proximity to edges while flexibly navigating various static and dynamic obstacles, effectively sweeping various visible debris and solid particles from road surfaces. This slow-moving electric vehicle measures 2,570mm long (although its front brushes are not included in that measurement) and has a turning circle of 2.7m


Additionally, it can conduct automatic garbage dumping and parking and can complement traditional sanitation methods effectively, ensuring comprehensive sanitation operations without blind spots. The Robosweeper S1 is celebrated for its sophisticated technology, including 360-degree perception and unmatched planning and control capabilities, enabling efficient navigation and debris removal in diverse environments.