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Self-Made Portable Mini Butane Air Conditioner Up To -10ºC


Simple air conditioners are really nothing more than a heat exchanger that move heat—or cold—from one place to another. The most common DIY air conditioners are made out of coolers, with some type of fan to blow air in through a hole, and out through another.

source.image: The Liberty Engine Project

How to make a powerful mini freezer. Portable Mini AC up to -10ºC. In this video we are going to make an ultra-fast portable mini freezer that also serves as a portable air conditioner. It is capable of reaching a temperature of -10ºC in just 10 minutes.

This air conditioner works with a 9v battery and is perfect to carry in your car, for your caravan and to go camping now that the heat is coming. The heart of this cooling system is a small electric water pump that is typically used to circulate water in an aquarium.


For this project it is used to pump butane gas through copper coils attached to a fan, creating an effective cooling system. This little cooler is powered by a 9-volt battery and a small computer fan. It directs air in all directions, but could be modified to cool in just one direction.