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New Chery iCar V23 Electric Baby Defender


This is the new Chery iCar V 23. Chery iCar V23 is the first model jointly created by Chery and Xiaomi, and is positioned as a pure electric small SUV with a cruising range of up to 500km. The new car will be built on a new platform, providing single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive powertrains.

source.image: REC Anything

The V23 measures in at 4220mm long, 1915mm wide and 1845mm tall, with a 2730mm wheelbase making it slightly longer and wider than a Defender 90. Inside, the steering wheel and utilitarian, minimalist look suggest the company’s interior designers might have taken inspiration from certain UK-based rivals.

Although its appearance is still a boxy shape, many classic designs have been modernized, including a thick bumper, a round lamp design, raised front hood and widened wheel arches, roof luggage racks, hidden door handles and side foot steps, making it both retro and stylish.


It is worth mentioning that the car is equipped with 4 millimetre wave radars, which can provide intelligent driving assistance functions.