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Custom Camper Van With Hideaway Murphy Bed


The kitchen in “Patience” is compact yet feels spacious. Highlights include a tile backsplash for a clean aesthetic, a two-burner propane stove powered by a 20 lb tank, and a stainless steel sink with filtered water. Although tight near the stove, it’s functional and stylish.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Enjoy meals or work on the versatile Lagoon table, surrounded by Marine vinyl cushions. The lounge transforms into a comfortable bedroom, ensuring efficient use of space. Above, find convenient storage for essentials.Peek into the van’s technical side, featuring 210 amp-hours of lithium batteries, a 2000W inverter charger, a 30 amp dc todc charger, and a solar setup with 300 watts on the roof.

All systems are neatly organized under the bench, easily accessible for maintenance.The Murphy bed setup in “Patience” is a game-changer – easy to set up and perfect for a cozy night’s sleep. The surrounding green wall not only adds a pop of color but cleverly conceals secret storage spaces.


The total cost of this van, including purchase and build, sums up to around $60,000. By handling the labor himself, and opting for simple yet effective materials and systems, he’s managed to create a functional and beautiful living space without breaking the bank.Explore the garage area, innovatively designed with a surfboard tunnel and customizable storage using T-track systems. The unique bike mount swivels out for easy access, ensuring that adventure gear is always ready to go.