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Woman Living Off-Grid on a Remote Island


Amanda lives alone in an off-grid cabin on a remote island in British Columbia. She previously lived on a sailboat in Vancouver for 8 years and then headed North with her boat.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

She eventually wanted to move onto land because her dog Buttercup was getting older and after searching online, she connected with the owners of an island who were looking for a caretaker to keep an eye on things.

So for the past two years, Amanda has lived solo on the island (aside from a couple of months in the summer when the owners and cabin guests are visiting) and she has taken care of everything from splitting and stacking firewood, maintaining the lawn, running the generators, and a lot more!


It’s a big job and she does most of her caretaker tasks in the morning and in the afternoons she works remotely as a web designer. She also has a great YouTube channel that she uses to document her liveaboard and off-grid lifestyles.