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Custom Ultimate 11,000lb Lobster Monster Truck


THIS LOBSTER monster truck is the ultimate ride. Greg Winchenbach, from Jefferson, Maine, took his love for the ocean and combined it with his passion for automobiles. Greg has created a “man made monster”, in the form of an 11,300lbs monster truck.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

He explained to Ridiculous Rides where the idea first struck him: “I spent some time on the ocean fishing, we like to tell everyone we fell off the boat on a rock and then got into monster truck racing.” The larger than life lobster truck has dominated the scene in recent years, crushing cars and wowing crowds across the country.

The details that Greg put in makes this ocean-inspired truck what it is: “We tried to keep the whole front as lobster-looking as we could, we’ve got a claw, the beak, the tail.”


This ride’s claim to fame is the “tail-dragging wheelie move, we’re known as the wheelie guys.” But how does he know that the project has been a success? “As long as those fans get up and cheer for it, we know we’ve done great”, he said. “This is the ultimate ride because it’s a big, giant lobster!”/Barcroft Cars

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