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Cybertrike Prototype Of The Mean Lean Machine


Arcimoto Mechanical Designer Leo Cruces tests out the Cybertrike prototype of the Mean Lean Machine. With improvements in stability, handling, range and accessories, the Cybertrike brings Arcimoto one step closer to releasing the one-of-a-kind electric tilting trike for micromobility. Learn more and preorder yours at arcimoto.com/mlm.

source.image: Arcimoto

A first-of-its-kind tilting e-trike based on Arcimoto’s patented tilting technology. Powered by three hub motors and a pedal generator with no chain, no belt, and no grease, the MLM is designed to deliver a joyful, futuristic riding experience unlike any other e-bike on the road today.

Reaching a range of 200+ miles with auxiliary batteries, the mean lean machine (MLM) by arcimoto can carry up to two passengers. it features three-wheel direct drive and a pedal generator for speed control and stationary recharge.


The prototype has integrated lighting front and back, a branded spring shock beneath the rider, a mid-handlebar trip computer and a double kickstand. When MLM is in a stationary position, it can be used as a home exercise bike and is able to charge its own battery with each turn of the pedal.