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Veteran Women Custom Home on Wheels


Welcome to Angie’s unique journey on the road in her fully renovated 2004 Winnebago Revel, aptly named “Elevator Bed.” Angie, a former military member, invites you to take a tour of her mobile home, where every corner reflects her personal touch and thoughtful design choices.From the moment you step into her kitchen, you’ll notice it’s not the original Winnebago setup. Angie chose new wood for a fresh look and found a deeper sink on Amazon to accommodate her love for cooking. She cleverly utilizes space, keeping plates, frying pans, cups, and dry goods within easy reach.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

For cooking, she alternates between an induction cooktop and a convection stove, depending on whether she’s plugged in or prefers to cook outside on a traditional camp stove. The fridge, neatly tucked under the bench seat, offers enough space for 3-4 days’ worth of fresh food, ideal for a fan of farmers’ markets like Angie. This space doubles as her couch, workspace, and dining area.

With the door open, it provides a beautiful view, perfect for her podcasting and YouTube activities. Despite her self-confessed book problem, Angie maintains a minimalist and organized living space. Angie’s van features a sophisticated electrical and heating system, including a 2,000-watt inverter from Xantrex and a solar charge controller, supplemented by two alternators for efficient power generation. She can monitor everything from an app, making off-grid living a breeze.


Priced at $150,000 with an additional $30,000 in upgrades, including a suspension kit, Starlink, and interior modifications, Angie’s van represents a significant investment in her nomadic lifestyle. Her favorite feature, the elevator bed, is both a smart use of space and a cozy retreat, thanks to a premium mattress she considers a worthwhile investment.