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Unfolding 140 kWp Mobile Solar Container


A suitable solar energy container is a self-contained unit that houses all the components needed to generate and store solar energy. These containers are fully customizable and range in size from small portable units to large structures capable of powering entire neighborhoods.

source.image: Solarcontainer

The challenges of our time are more present than ever. That is why Solarcontainer company has developed a mobile photovoltaic system with the aim of achieving maximum use of solar energy while at the same time being compact in design, easy to transport and quick to set up.

This system is realized through the unique combination of innovative and advanced container technology. Solarcontainer’s pioneering and environmentally friendly solar systems: Folded solar panels in a container frame with corresponding standard dimensions, easy to unfold thanks to a sophisticated rail system and no shading from a remaining container structure.


The base of the Solarcontainer is a solid floor frame with the length and width of a 20f HC container. Mounted on this frame is the innovative PV rail system and the clever folding mechanism of the solar panels, which enable the transport dimensions and lifting points of a standard 20f high cube container, but still contain a maximum of highly efficient solar panels and can generate about 140kWp of electricity.