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DC-6 Airplane Transformed Into A House


Jon and Stephanie built a unique home inside a repurposed DC-6 Airplane! This 650 sq ft,this airplne converted 2 bed 1 bath home is complete with a full kitchen, wing deck, and flight simulator! Climb aboard back to 1956! This DC-6 air freighter spent its life flying the skies of Alaska, hauling critical frieght and fuel to remote villages around the state.

source.image: FLY8MA.com Flight Training

This is a real airplane that has flown around the world for many years. It has been meticulously gone over to ensure it is comfortable and safe for all of our guests.The DC-6 airplane house is located alongside our private airstrip (1,700ft long) and has plenty of room for your car, truck, and bushplane parking.

You’ll climb aboard up a flight of stairs to the Mud Room that gives you access to your airplane home via the aft Cargo loading door. You’ll find your washer and dryer there and a hallway to access the Master Suite, full bathroom, and guest bedroom, as well as the Kitchen moving forward, living area, dining room, and Cockpit.


The cockpit is still intact, and Kotwicki even mentioned that he has eventual plans to turn the cockpit into a full-scale flight simulator using actual flight controls.For comfort, Jon installed a pressure tank to allow guests to take a shower and heated floors. He also focused on full-size appliances in the kitchen, which means the space can be actually used to cook proper meals three times a day.