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Luxury Tiny House Built Inside A Semi-Trailer


When you think of a semi-truck-trailer, the last idea that normally comes to mind would be home. Watching this video might just change your mind about that though. Mike and Heidi are an inspired couple whose ultimate DIY project has turned an old trailer into an unbelievable place to call home!

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

It’s also incredibly clever. If you’re needing inspiration for storage and how to get the most out of your space, look no further than this home. Each and every inch of this place has been ingeniously used, even incorporating some incredible multifunctional design ideas.

I love this story because for me it brings together some of my absolute favourite aspects of the tiny house movement. This home is clever, affordable, functional and beautiful.


It’s a DIY build that takes something which otherwise would have been junk and gave it a new life as a stunning home. And not just any home, one that makes you say ‘WOW!’We hope you enjoy the full tour of this very special place. Heidi and Mike have documented their tiny house build journey and continue to vlog their adventures!