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Nomad Life Over 50 Her $5.5k Micro SUV Tiny Home


Dive into the life of Mindy, a vibrant soul who has redefined minimalism by transforming her Honda Element into a cozy, multifunctional 35-square-foot home on wheels. Join us as she shares her journey of living full-time on the road for over 19 months, proving that age is just a number and adventure knows no limits.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Mindy’s favorite build feature is her innovative kitchen setup, equipped with a 30-quart RV fridge and a comprehensive cooking station. Discover how this ingenious design accommodates her love for cooking no matter where her travels take her.

With her Jackery 1000W portable power station and a suite of solar panels, Mindy maintains energy independence, ensuring her fridge and essentials stay powered up in the backcountry.Mindy doesn’t shy away from the challenges of hygiene on the road, showcasing her dual-purpose bath bowl and portable shower setup, ensuring cleanliness is always within reach.


Mindy opens up about the profound impact of losing family members and how it propelled her to seize the day. She emphasizes the healing and self-discovery that van life has brought her at 56 years young.Mindy’s love for the outdoors shines through in her setup, with a CVT awning for desert shade and a portable propane fire pit for responsible wilderness enjoyment.