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DCL Big Drone Groundbreaking Manned Aerobatic Drone


Initial testing has completed on the first manned aerobatic drone, a historic maiden flight milestone that took place in Vrsar.

source/image(PrtSc): Drone Champions League

Drone Champions AG, the founder of DCL, is one step closer to its vision to create a brand-new future racing experience and to recruit drone pilots through DCL – The Game.

Weighing in at just 98kg unloaded and with a take-off weight of 180kg, the multi-rotor Big Drone has 12 motors that generate 22 PS/HP and 300kg of static thrust, the aircraft can roll 180 degrees over and make full 180 degree loops.


It is expected to be used and flown by people who play in the Drone Champions League.DCL is leveraging the expertise that comes from creating a heart-thumping motorsport to pioneer an innovation platform for future mobility: the Big Drone. The first aerobatic drone for human flight, the Big Drone is the future of racing./dcl.aero

VIADrone Champions League
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