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DeepFlight Super Falcon High-Performance Personal Submarine

Designed for a pilot to take two passengers on an incredible underwater excursion, Super Falcon 3 is the ideal submarine for resort operations. The Super Falcon was designed by Graham Hawkes. See what it’s like to fly a DeepFlight high-performance personal sub, with founder Graham Hawkes in the pilot’s seat.

source/image(PrtSc): DeepFlight Submarines

State of the art technology, combined with lightweight, high-strength composites, and an efficient electric powertrain enables unprecedented speed, range and maneuverability to explore the wonders of the sea.

The Super Falcon is classified as a winged submersible with a numerical design designation of DF 302.The electricity that drives the propulsion system is from batteries, the Super Falcon’s cruise speed is between 2–6 knots. Its maximum thrust is 230 kg.


The cockpit is a pressure hull that has been proof-tested to keep humans safe from the external pressure of the ocean. A 40V system voltage and low electric signature make the sub safe to operate around swimmers, as well as any large marine animals you might encounter. As the sub is not equipped with bottom skids, it will never land on the bottom or on reefs.