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Designing and Building The Ultimate Xbox Stand – Woodworking


For this video I partnered with Kevin Kenson Gaming to create the Ultimate Xbox Set-up. In the video I go over how the project came about, various design choices we went through, and all of the woodworking techniques that went into creating the piece.

image/text credit: Chris Salomone

It is made from walnut hardwood and maple plywood. It is more of a prop piece than an everyday functional piece of furniture. But, it’s cool :).

Indoor plants offer many benefits not just for homes but also for offices and other spaces. They way you display them also has an important impact on the way they influence you and the décor.


So let’s discuss, once again, indoor plant stands, more specifically the DIY kind. Surely store-bought planters would make things a lot simpler but then your plants will be lacking character. But basically, the typical video consists of a piece of furniture, how and why I made the design decisions that went into it, the build process, and my reflections on the piece.

VIAChris Salomone
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