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Diesel Brothers 6×6 Widebody Super Duty Ford F550 Truck


The F-550 was built by the famed Diesel Brothers of Woods Cross, Utah, and it is a monster 6×6 riding on a custom air suspension that can be controlled from an app. They build this monster for the US music producer and DJ “Marshmello”

source/image(PrtSc): RDBLA

The radiator grille and the bumper with winch are joined by a completely new bonnet with a huge power dome. The grill is protected by a massive steel bumper and brush guard with built-in winch.Watch the video from RDBLA for more info:

The driver and passenger are protected from the sun with a big windshield visor, and if the size of the beast didn’t turn heads, the lighting on and under the truck sure will.


It also gained a lot of extra ground clearance, owing to a major extent to new 22-inch GRID Wheels wrapped in colossal 40-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers. We hope that we will receive some information in the near future, especially regarding the performance.

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