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Difference Between Superchargers And Turbochargers


What’s better, a supercharger or a turbocharger? Well, while they both do a wonderful job of increasing and engine’s horsepower, they go about it in quite different ways. The turbocharger relies on exhaust gas pressure to spool up a turbine to deliver more air to the engine.

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A supercharger on the other hand is driven by an engine belt, which rotates a compressor feeding the engine fresh air. In this video we’ll discuss the pros and cons of running a supercharger or a turbocharger on your car. Watch the video from Engineering Explained for more info:

A supercharger doesn’t rely on exhaust gas and power comes immediately.A turbo requires engine oil lubrication, which is another demand on the engine.


While ultimately both will result in more power, there are advantages to each, such as throttle characteristics, efficiency, torque curve characteristics, engine reliability, and packaging.//Engineering Explained

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