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DiskDrive Transform Any Bicycle Into An Electric One


Skarper is a ground-breaking eBike drive system set to revolutionise the world of eBikes. Skarper drives the bike via the rear disc brake transforming any bike into a high performance eBike and back again in a matter of seconds.

source.image: Skarper

An ultralight, clip-on drive system technology, DiskDrive avoids the many limitations of existing eBike drive systems. DiskDrive is the first fully enclosed, wire- free drive system that seamlessly integrates into your bicycle with no modification required to the frame or wheels, and without compromise on performance.

Connecting the Skarper unit to the frame is brilliantly simple. The rear section slots onto the DiskDrive at two points, and the tapered front end clips securely into a small bracket that you mount to the bike frame. Press the only button on the unit, wait for the status light to come on, and you’re ready to ride.


In just a click, your eBike is ready. Freedom with no compromise. High performance engineering that is compact, lightweight and simple to use. The motor then drives a purpose-built rotor, which the brand has dubbed the DiskDrive. Most electric bike conversion kits use a front-hub motor, a bolt-on mid-drive unit or rear-wheel motor to provide propulsion.


  • Torque: 50 Nm
  • Motor: 250W rated
  • Weight: 3 kg + 300g for DiskDrive rotor
  • Battery Wh: 202wh
  • Charge from empty to full:
  • Range: Up to 60 km
  • Drive Type: DiskDrive™
  • Top speed: 32km/h (restricted to 25km/h in relevant countries)
  • Range on 30 min charge: 15-20 km