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Wind Powered Cargo Ship With Solid Sails Wind Propulsion


Cargill has announced exciting findings from the six-month trial of the Pyxis Ocean, the first wind-powered vessel, showcasing significant fuel savings and confirming the shipping industry’s shift towards greener practices. Equipped with two WindWings®, large solid sails developed by BAR Technologies, the Pyxis Ocean vessel demonstrated performance in line with expectations, translating to an average fuel reduction of 3 tonnes per day.

source.image: Cargill

WindWings, Cargill and BAR Technologies’ ground-breaking innovation, sets sail on open waters, testing new technology that will bring cutting edge wind propulsion to commercial shipping for the first time.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s Pyxis Ocean, chartered by Cargill, is the first vessel to be retrofitted with two WindWings, which are large wing sails measuring up to 37,5 meters in height that can be fitted to the deck of cargo ships to harness the power of wind.


Produced by industrialization partner Yara Marine Technologies, they are expected to generate average fuel savings of up to 30 percent on new build vessels, which could be even higher if used in combination with alternative fuels. The installation of the wings took place at the COSCO shipyard in China and the Pyxis Ocean is now on the water, conducting her maiden voyage.