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DIY 100% Homemade Sandblaster From Coke Bottle


Sandblasting can remove paint, rust, and residue from oxidation from materials quickly and efficiently. If you enjoy renovating your house or restoring old cars and rusty equipment. Owning a sandblaster can make your life a million times easier.

source/image(PrtSc): The Maker

In this video on how to make a do-it-yourself sandblasting machine, we made a sandblasting machine using a coke bottle and a simple air gun. Watch the video from The Maker:

We made a simple and effective box out of wood so that the sand does not escape. We produced the compressed air using an old refrigerator compressor and a propane tank.


Sandblasting equipment typically consists of a chamber in which sand and air are mixed. The mixture travels through a hand-held nozzle to direct the particles toward the surface or work piece. Nozzles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.The most commonly used type of sandblasting sand is white silica sand.

VIAThe Maker
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