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DIY A Cable/Wire/Rope Length Measuring Tool


On this video we present the making of a tool which is used to measure the length of a rope or a cable. This tool is very useful in stores that sell things like these as it helps the user to cut precisely and quickly a piece of it.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Also, it is very useful in cases where we need to cut cables, which have been measured in order to pass it through the tubes easily and avoid any waste.First of all, we started our tool by taking a mechanical, 5-digit counter.

Then, we placed a wheel on it with diameter 31,83 which means in each rotation moves 9,94 cm. Therefore, we know that at 10 rotations, we have covered 1 metre distance.Above the wheel that makes the measurements we put a roller that was connected on a lever which has a spring to constantly push the material that is being measured.


The reason why we made this mechanism is to avoid losing in measurement and to be able to measure materials that vary in diameter. Eventually, all the mobile parts of our tool have been stabilized on a basis so the project 0129 came to the end having a great success.