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DIY Adjustable Power Supply In 5 Minutes


An adjustable power supply is an indispensable assistant for every DIYer. When testing another homemade product, we often need different voltages in order to achieve the best result. In today’s video, I will show you a great idea of ​​how you can make an adjustable power supply from an old charger from a mobile phone or some other equipment.

source/image(PrtSc): RomanUrsuHack

Make at home a power supply with an adjustable resistor, when you turn it, you can choose any voltage from three to 19 В Very easy and simple And we will spend about 5 minutes on this! The maximum and minimum voltage and amperage will depend only on the characteristics of your power supply. Watch the video by RomanUrsuHack for more info:

When using a 5 V and 2 A power supply I managed to achieve the following regulated result Minimum 3 5 V and maximum 15 V. And also approximately 6 A. I am very pleased with the DIY on which we spent about 5 minutes of time and literally a dollar on components!


I bought all the components on the radio market, but you can do it on the Aliexpress, although the price varies a little, so I left a few links attached in the comments, you can choose something or find it in your garage! Disclaimer: This project is done in an controlet environment by a professional , electricity can be dangerous, don’t try this at home if you don’t know what you are doing.

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