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DIY Anti-lock Braking System For Bicycle


Ever wondered how an anti-lock braking system really works? Whilst building one for my bike, I realised ABS is quite complex!An ABS system is automated and uses sensors to quickly manage braking forces applied to the braking system of a vehicle to prevent it locking up and sliding, which causes a loss of traction.

source/image(PrtSc): Tom Stanton

Wheel locking is all too well known amongst cyclists as the leading cause for bike accidents. In fact, nearly 58% of all e-bike accidents happen during braking. So one of the best ways to ensure your bike safety is by installing anti-lock brakes.

It seems a simple concept use a sensor to detect when a wheel is slipping due to decreased friction between the tire and the roadway, and release braking force repeatedly through an actuator to allow the driver or rider to maintain control while stopping.


With a photosensor on the front wheel and a stepper motor to override brake lever inputs, he was able to modulate the braking force, but not with the responsiveness needed to maintain control.Tom Stanton