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Extensive Testing For Modern Engine Oils Not All Engine Oils Are Created Equal


Look behind the scenes at the extensive testing involved for modern engine oils.Today’s best oils will have API SP, ILSAC GF-6, and Dexos Gen 3 Certifications.Modern engine oils continue to decrease in viscosity grades, and yet their performance continues to improve, as mandated by industry regulations and certifications.

source/image(PrtSc): Engineering Explained

The latest set of certifications pushes engine oils even further, and in this video we’ll examine how Mobil 1’s Triple Action Formula is tested. Tests include a Sequence VH Engine Test for Sludge and Varnish, a Sequence IIIH Engine Test for Oxidation and Deposit, and a 120,000 mile dynamometer test on a vehicle.

For each test, we’ll talk about how the test is conducted, and why the test is difficult (like poor fuel quality, running hot, high engine loads, and excessive blowby).


We’ll then discuss the test requirements in order to pass, how to identify oils that have passed, and discuss how Mobil 1 performed in the various tests. The 120,000 mile dyno test will also include a full engine tear down and evaluation./via: Engineering Explained