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DIY Automotive Shock Spring Lamp – How To Make


Today we have a lamp made of an automobile shock spring.The spring is cleaned and rubbed with gear oil to give it a more industrial style. The base of the lamp on the flange from the circulation pump.Light intensity can be adjusted by a dimmer on the twisted fabric covered wire.The main light comes from 40 watt Edison lamp.Incredible atmosphere in the dark.

image/text credit: Banjo Show

This cool, easy-to-make pipe lamp will create a trendy look for your desk or table. Just follow the step-by-step tutorial, and you’ll have your new desk or table lamp completed in no time.

Steampunk as a creativity movement begins as a literary genre. In its core, it reimagined the world in a what-if scenario where modern appliances, vehicles, and technology are realized with the 19th-century steam machinery designs.



As an interior design theme, the design movement brought a unique nuance to the table, bringing an even more retro look to the industrial-themed interior design. In a steampunk-inspired design, old-school Edison bulbs are wildly popular, and so does metal fixtures with rustic finishes.


  • Brass, Iron
  • Sizes:
  • Height 38cm
  • length: 18cm
  • Power cord length: 150cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Main Bulb Fitting : E27 (Edison Style) 220V-240V, Max 60 Watt