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What It’s Like To Ride The World’s Fastest Zip Line!


ZipWorld Velocity in Wales catapults you down over an old slate mine at over 100mph! It is the longest in Europe and the fastest in the world!What It’s Like To Ride A Speedboat on Loch Ness!

image/text credit: Thomas Harrison-Lord

Here is what it’s like to go down it, from the journey up to the top to the disembark at the end. A birds-eye view. It’s absolutely incredible. It is definitely even higher and quicker than it looks here when you do it in person!

The fastest zipline in the world, the Zip World Velocity Zipline sails over the quarry at speeds that can exceed 100 mph (160 km). Opened in 2013 in North Wales, the Zip World Velocity Zipline is a mile long (1.6 km), 500 feet high (152 metres), and is the longest zipline in Europe.


It’s also really really fast.Falling off a cliff fast … no, scratch the falling-off-a-cliff image. Rather than dangle from the wire, you lie flat, which gives you a brilliant sense of flying through the air.

VIAThomas Harrison-Lord
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