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A Simple Copper Coil Alcohol Stove You Can Make Yourself


There are tons of DIYs about how to create an alcohol stove, aka beverage-can stove, in a lot of different models.Build Your Own Copper Coil Alcohol Burner Stove!Works great and would be perfect for cooking or boiling water, either in an emergency/disaster or while out camping!

image/text credit: Iridium242

You probably have to buy the copper tubing and JB weld but the rest you might have laying around or can get for free by asking a friend or relative.Runs on any type of alcohol but by far the cheapest way would be to buy a 12oz bottle of rubbing alcohol at walmart for around $1.

Tube is starts to heat and heats fuel in the wick. Fuel starts to vaporise and moves to jet hole, then taking fire. Now flame from jet hole heats spiral tube and process comes independently.


The stove here is small enough it can be transported easily when empty, and effective enough that it could be used (and the design could be modified to a larger size) in place of an electric stove when power is out in the home.

Items you need for building:

  • little jar.
  • copper tubing.
  • JB weld or another kind of sealer.
  • little bit of cloth for a wick.
  • Household tools like a drill, pliers, etc.