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Henderson Motorcycle 1918 Model H Start Up Walk Around


In 1911, two brothers – William and Tom Henderson – established a motorcycle company in Detroit, USA, and their first bike was a longitudinal, in-line four. Rolling on a long 1650mm wheelbase, the Henderson Model A, according to company advertising, “allowed the rider to sit between the wheels, reducing road shocks to a minimum.”

source/image:  Jayyar4

This is my 1918 Model H, mechanically restored, all original untouched paint and parts. New tires only. It has the 1919 style rear wheel and brake with linkage.

The four-cylinder engine displaced 965cc and produced 5.1kW (7hp) and one of the Henderson’s most innovative features was the inclusion of a folding hand-crank for easy starting.


The Henderson brothers constantly upgraded their four. Between 1911 and 1917 the Henderson gained more gears, a shorter wheelbase, kick start, a mechanical oil pump and more displacement.