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DIY Building a Electric Monowheel


In this video I build a DIY electric monowheel powered by hoverboard motors. Monowheels are an old design, and some other Youtubers have built their own versions. This is my take on building one.

source.image: HennyButabi

I had the ring made at a local metal shop because I don’t have the tools to do that myself. I glued some bicycle tires to the ring to improve the grip. The ring rides on skateboard wheels that I turned down on the lathe so they fit perfectly.

I made it electric to save weight, but on the other hand, I think the handling would be better if it was a little bit heavier. Now the center of gravity is too far to the front.


As a consequence, I can’t use the footpegs because my weight shifts to far forward, as you can see in the video. I will try to place the seat further back, maybe that will help.


  • 2 hoverboard motors 350w
  • 2 hoverboard batteries 36v 4400mah
  • 2 BLDC controllers 350w