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GWM Tank 300 Hev 2024 Suv


Ford is returning to the stone (oil) age, presenting in Thailand the most powerful and most expensive Everest 2024 with a diesel three-liter V6 (before that, the same Ford abandoned the 3.2-liter diesel engine in our country for 10 years due to meager sales and uses only 2 -liter turbo and bi-turbo diesel engines).

source.image: 4You AutoManija

The target audience here is not very clear, except perhaps, as shown in Ford advertising, to carry boats and small yachts. The Tank 300 has been produced at the GWM plant in Chongqing since 2021. It was originally introduced to the market as part of the Wey brand, but then became the first model of the new brand.

At the moment, the “three hundredth” remains the brand’s bestseller. At the beginning of February, Great Wall Motor reported the production of the 300,000th copy of this SUV.


Until recently, the Tank 300 had two powertrain options: gasoline and a conventional hybrid (HEV). The latest modification is available exclusively on the Thai market. Its peculiarity is a low-capacity battery that cannot be charged from external sources. SUV Tank 300 Hi4-T at the rear.