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DIY Built Steel Panel Solar Air Heater

This video shows How to Make a Solar Thermal Air Heater using Corrugated Steel Panels. This design is the biggest (and likely the most powerful) solar air heater i’ve made. during the testing, the unit heated air from 50F(10C) to 145F(63C) in only 6 mins! With unit sustaining that temp – w/fan running full blast. Fan is a 92mm 12v computer case fan (solar panel powered).

source/image: desertsun02

It draws about 3 watts – so a 12v 5w (or larger) panel will run it strong all day. To use the unit: just drop it in the sun and pipe the flexible vent tube into the area you want to heat. A note about the build: to make it easy for anyone to build, every step is laid out in a “clear and orderly” fashion. And to help jam-pack it with the most info, several segments are filmed in fast-motion.

Items needed: the items needed are shown (in list form) both before AND after the build (the list shown after the build – in the last 30 seconds of the video – contains slightly more detail). About the steel panels: the steel panels i used are pre-cut and sold in 3-packs at home depot. company name is amerimax. You can, of course, buy those types of corrugated steel panels in bigger sizes and cut them down to match your needs (to match the size of glass you’re able to get).


I usually recommend that you first figure out what size glass panels you’re able to get *and then size the steel panel or panels accordingly. The biggest piece of glass i can get (at a reasonable price) is 30″ by 36″ (from lowes). Since they cut glass, i have them cut off 2.5″ which leaves a 27.5″ by 36″ glass panel *the perfect size for the pre-cut steel panels.via.read more: desertsun02