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DIY Bus Converted Into a Dreamy Home With Reclaimed Materials


This awesome school bus was converted into a dreamy home on wheels by Tiff & Eric, a now family of four, who travel full-time. Tiff & Eric had already been living as nomads individually before they met at Skooliepalooza two years ago. They immediately realized they were a perfect match & began to build a home and family together.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

They have created a sanctuary for themselves within their beautiful school bus & absolutely love all of the community that comes with raising children on the road.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours for more info:

Their school bus is beautifully converted & has a unique layout that allows them to have a Montessori style playroom for their children to enjoy.


In addition to the playroom, their build features a spacious kitchen, residential refrigerator, main bedroom, & a full size bathroom. Although the entire bus is spectacular, perhaps the most unique feature their home has is the Saguaro cactus bone cabinets. Finished with warm wood & teal tiling, their bus is nothing short of a dream.

SOURCETiny Home Tours
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