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DIY Bushcraft Tent Made From Plastic Wrap Survival Project


Hello! My name is Osman and I had a great idea – to make a hammock – tent from 10 rolls of plastic wrap. At first I choose a place where four trees stand at a convenient distance, knock down dry branches and make a base, winding the wrap until the roll ends. The base must be strong.

source/image(PrtSc): Os Bushcraft and Survival

I check to see if the wrap will break if I run into it. Wow! I was thrown back! Then I wrap the base to make it easier to make a hammock. The longitudinal layer is ready. It is quite strong that I can even safely fall on it. I make a cross layer – this required another roll. Os Bushcraft and Survival

The hammock is finished. It is very strong and reliable. But suddenly it started raining, and I decided to make a roof. I make the roof according to the same scheme as the hammock.


And to prevent water from getting inside, I make walls. One layer is enough. I close all sides, leaving only an entrance. Here is such an interesting hammock- tent I got! I only spent half the rolls! It’s very simple and fast. For those who like to spend time in the woods, I advise you to try it!//Os Bushcraft and Survival