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DIY Camper Van Tour With Elevator Bed And Hidden Bathroom


Welcome to the Bamboo Bungalow! Meet Anton Maroun, a music teacher turned van builder. Join him as we explore the unique features and design elements that make the Bamboo Bungalow a true masterpiece of van life. Kitchen:Induction Cooktop: Discover why I chose an Inava 120v induction cooktop for safety and efficiency. DTIC CRX 110 Fridge: Take a look inside one of the most spacious fridges in the van life community. Countertop and Sink: Uncover the innovative design of my kitchen countertop with its extension feature and the convenience of filtered water from a sleek stainless steel sink.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Bathroom: I nnovative Shower Design: Learn about my stainless steel shower pan with a curtain and a diverting system for water efficiency. Lao Dry Flush Toilet: See why this toilet is a game-changer in van life, offering cleanliness and ease of use.

Living Room: Lounge Space: Relax in my spacious living area with two large benches, perfect for hosting friends. Electrical System: Housed in one bench, discover the heart of the van’s power, including an inverter, DC to DC charger, and lithium batteries. Plumbing System: The other bench contains a 30-gallon freshwater tank and more, showing my commitment to sustainability and off-grid living.


Bedroom: Full Queen-Size Bed: Experience the comfort of a queen-size bed that can expand into a king-size, all thanks to a Happy Jack bed lift system. Skylight Feature: Enjoy the beautiful view of the stars and the fresh breeze from my favorite feature – the skylight.//Tiny Home Tours