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Motosacoche Model 413 1929 600cc


The Motosacoche has certificates of FMI (Italy), FAM (Switzerland), ASI (Italy). This bike is a nice older restauration in very well condition and the perfect object for true motorcycle lovers. Founded in Acacias, Geneva, in 1901, Motosacoche took its name from Henri and Armand Dufaux’s self-contained cycle-motor power unit, literally ‘une moto sa coche’ or ‘engine in a bag’.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

The 211cc motor was soon being manufactured in substantial numbers and the brothers set up a subsidiary firm to market it in the UK. This led to collaboration with Royal Enfield, who supplied the cycle parts necessary to market a complete machine and used a Motosacoche v-twin engine when they recommenced motorcycle manufacture in 1910.

The Motosacoche and Royal Enfield ranges were effectively identical for the next few years, but after WWI the Swiss marque’s presence in the UK market would be limited to supplying its MAG proprietary engines to other manufacturers. This bike from 1929, which weighs about 150kg, has a displacement of 597cc.


The engine of MAG guarantees an output of 16hp@3500rpm and its bore/stroke measures 90×94 mm. Originally the top speed of this bike was 135 km/h. It´s equipped with a three speed Sturmey Archer gearbox, original Terry seat, foot and hand clutch, Bosch horn and a complete Bosch electric lighting system.