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DIY Compressed Air Powered Airplane


Tom Stanton recently built an airplane that runs entirely on compressed air. The model plane is based on the diaphragm air-powered engine. The motor used a standard 3-blade quadcopter prop.

source/image(PrtSc): Tom Stanton

Tom Stanton has designed and made a couple of air-powered 3D printed engines but always struggled with the problem of air leaking past the 3D-printed pistons.

Instead of trying to make an air-tight piston, he added a rubber membrane and a clever valve system to create a diaphragm air engine.


The author of the video, Tom Stanton has published in his thingiverse account the stl files necessary to print the parts, as well as a list of materials for the rest of the necessary parts.

Do not pressurise this engine without carrying out safe pressure tests. 3D print qualities vary and will not guarantee that the bottle cap/cylinder head can cope with high pressures.

VIATom Stanton
SOURCETom Stanton
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