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DIY Crazy Graffiti Caps, Blend 2 Or Even More Colors In One Spray Cap


Making your own custom spray paint is easy and produces some interesting results. Maybe they don’t sell the exact colour you’re looking for.Time to put them to good use and make your own spray paint!

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

In today’s video I want to show you crazy experiments with spray cans and caps! You can blend 2 or even more colors to get unusual color and your own style! here is few examples what you can make. Use your imagination to create more crazy combinations.Watch the video from The Q for more info:

Graffiti techniques & tricks and have grown tremendously over the years, and from its underground roots on the gritty streets, they’ve been past on and developed through word of mouth for years. But this is a cool diy project for making your own custom spray paint by conecting two or more spray cans in one spray cap .


While graffiti is associated with vandalizing other people’s property, so dont try this on other people’s property.However some cities have set aside official walls temporarily or permanently for grafitti artists which classifies as public art.

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