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DIY Dual Screen Laptop – 100% DIY

Dual-screen laptops are all the rage, but they universally cost several thousand dollars, So in this video by Matt Perks from Youtube channel DIY Perks is showing you how to make a DIY secondary laptop screen so you can get some serious work done on the go!

source/image: DIY Perks

The build stats with a replacement laptop screen sourced from eBay, a nice full-HD IPS unit with a matching Embedded DisplayPort driver to enable the screen to be driven with the laptop’s existing HDMI port.

To power the display, a USB-C Power Delivery board is used, in combination with a high-quality USB-PD compliant battery pack. This provides the 12 V required to run the screen.


To integrate the screen into the laptop, a set of 3D-printed hinges are used to create a folding mechanism, along with a brushed aluminium backing plate. Finished with a set of 3D-printed bezels, the final result is quite attractive from the front, looking almost stock at a glance. The dual-screen laptop promises to boost your productivity by up to 50% and allows for efficient multitasking.